Essay on How Do You Pass and Score High on the Postal Exam?

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How do You Pass and Score High on the Postal Exam?

Practice Practice Practice

As a retired United States Postal Service employee, I can tell you from experience that working there is a life changing and rewarding experience. It’s a job that gives you a sense pride and accomplishment at the end of your workday. Furthermore, it can be an outstanding opportunity for someone without a degree or with limited formal education. Working for the Postal Service has the potential to improve your quality of life with exceedingly competitive compensation and benefits.

More than likely, you’ve purchased this program because you’re interested in working for the United States Postal Service as well. My purpose in writing this practice exam is to help …show more content…

This is the big scary test that everyone most people dread. You might be shocked to know the failure rate on this exam is an amazing 80% to 90%. In other words, the odds are that you will most likely fail this test.

I don’t mean that to be negative or to dissuade you. The reason most people fail this test is that they go into it without doing any preparation. Either they don’t think it’s necessary or they don’t know there’s a way to prepare.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Going in to take this test with that mindset is a big mistake…big! Consequently, the odds are you’ll be wasting your time. You’ll then have to wait 120 days to retake the test. By that time, the job in which you were interested will more than likely be filled.

Don’t despair. There is a way to be in that 10% to 20% that passes. You must make a huge effort to be prepared. After failing or making a low score on the first attempt, many people prepare for the test and score well the second time they take it.

My purpose in writing this book is to give you the knowledge to succeed. I have written it to be as close as I can to the actual test; however, I do not claim that this practice exam is the same as the real test. The questions I’ve included are only examples of the ones that are asked on the actual exam. They are not the actual questions. That would be impossible because the questions

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