How Does Power Affect Moral Courage? Essay

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Moral courage is to raise your hand, overcome one’s fear, and claim for something that is wrong. A military leader exerts his power influencing with his positon power (in case of military the rank) and/or personal power (how does one person is seen in the organization). The leader, who has a position power, and doesn’t claim for something that is wrong or exerts moral courage, take the risk of loosing personal power and credibility within his organization. If the senior leader exerts moral courage within an cohesive organization he will probably gain personal power and credibility throught the organization. It means that his organization will support and trust on him. For this reason the leader should has to take into account many factors:…show more content…
Finally, the commander will set conditions for moral courage by developing critical thinking within their subordinates. For this reason, the commander and subordinates should trust one each other.
Now let’s see two wrong morale courage examples in the Darker Shades of Blue case study. Let’s begin with wrong actions of the LTC Holland. He broke the regulations and exceeded the B-52 limits. He used to fly over the crowd during his B-52 demostrations. (Physical courage) This wrong actions became a pattern in his flights and demonstrations. He also threaten their seniors officers saying for example: “ If a senior in rank flies with me, he can be the boss in ground but in the air, I do what I want to do”. Because of this actions he created lost of faith in the tripulation and they begun to employ different survival techniques. There were also not morale courage in this organization, nobody told anything to him or the superiors in charge. Senior leaders witnessed his wrong actions and they did nothing to solve this problem during three years. For these reasons, LTC Holland appreciated the situation and lived without any kind of control. He felt free to do what he liked to do in his organization. The worst, he was considered an example for many other pilots.
Now let’s analyze the situation of the Air Show Practice in Jun the 17th , 1994. That day the DO Col Pellerin, directed that the bank angles should not exceed 45 degrees in
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