How Effective Is A Personal Branding? Essay

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Student: Dante Barros
Class: MKTG-304-30
Professor: Leslie Vermillion
Date: 12/11/2016

University of the District of Columbia
How effective is a personal branding?

Introduction 3
We can say 3
What is understood as personal brand? 4
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Achieving a successful personal brand is today the main way to achieve professional achievement. The visual image provides the opportunity for the human being to feel, appreciate, value the brand for the first time. Why you and not any other? By working, enhancing our personal brand we can get it to reflect who we are, our values and skills that make us unique and special and will serve to highlight. I consider personal branding as the footprint you leave behind in everything you say and do, hence the work 's front page.
Nowadays, one of the best ways to boost your personal brand image is social networking, increasingly, they serve as a platform to make new contacts or create business opportunities.
Such as "the first impression is what counts" or "a picture is worth a thousand words" ground the idea that we intend to make understand with the completion of this work. And is that personal brand may be a recent concept, but has come to stay, is a concept of personal development, consisting of considering yourself as a brand, we must develop it with the aim of differentiating ourselves and achieving the greatest possible success.
We can say

Today is the main
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