How Exercise Affects The Blood Glucose

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In my research I will be researching how exercise affects the blood glucose in Type 1 diabetes patients. My hypothesis is that the blood glucose levels will improve with the help of exercising to keep it regulated. Therefore, Type 1 diabetes is a lifelong chronic disease that deals with high levels of glucose in the blood. Type 1 diabetes begins with a child at an early age and it sticks with them for a lifetime. There are ways to keep a person diabetes under control and stabilized. Another term for Type 1 diabetes is diabetes mellitus which results in diseases of hyperglycemia (Ergin-Longmire & Maclaren, 2014). Type 1 diabetes is the action of resulting from insulin deficiency (Ergin-Longmire & Maclaren, 2014). The participants that I’m …show more content…

The causes of Type 1 diabetes basically can occur at any age and it is found in children, adolescents, and young adults. There are different names for diabetes such as insulin dependent diabetes and juvenile onset diabetes (Baruchin, 2014). Then the insulin is how the hormone is being produced in the pancreas by the cells called beta cells and the pancreas is low behind the stomach. They would need the insulin to move the blood glucose into the cells and that’s where the glucose is being stored until later use of energy (Bauchin, 2014). In this case, Type 1 diabetes dealing with beta cells may produce slightly or no insulin at all (Baruchin, 2014). If a person doesn’t get insulin, that’s where the glucose begins to build up in the bloodstream. But, basically the cause of Type 1 diabetes is still unknown as to how it is produced in an individual’s body. Then the symptoms of having Type 1 diabetes would be fatigue, thirst, increasing urination and vision may be blurry (Spriggs, 2014). These would be the common diabetes symptoms of a diabetic. The purpose of my research is to show how exercise can help blood glucose levels be stable in children with Type 1 Diabetes. The purpose is to keep the blood glucose levels stabled because it’s affects the child’s internal body and health altogether. So, by having children doing exercises for their diabetes would be good for them and it also helps lower their A1C level if it’s too high in

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