How Globalization Has A Impact On Cultures

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One of the most outstanding elements that define an ethnicity is their culture. The definition of culture is based on the beliefs, customs, arts and other elements of a particular society, group or place. Therefore, customs, practices, ways of being, rituals, the way of dressing and behavior standards are topics within the culture of a specific society. In many cultures, globalization and consumption are two very identical phenomena. Globalization is undoubtedly a phenomenon of our time, which has great influence in many aspects on which the various contemporary societies develop. Globalization has a great impact on cultures. During my visit to a regular supermarket store and to an international supermarket, the sociological concepts were easily very noticeable. The melting pot at an international market becomes alive with all the different ethnicities. The first difference I noticed was the congestions in the parking lot, when I visited the stores, the parking was packed. At the regular American store, it was very obvious that most of the customers were Caucasians. From the moment one enters the stores, the differences and similarities are very obvious; in this case, I felt the differences were more obvious. The neighborhoods where these supermarkets are located are very different as well. I would say that most people living in the surroundings of the regular mainstream grocery store are Caucasians or African Americans, and most people living near the international store

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