How Haacht Brewery Is An Independent And Family Owned Company Based Out Of Belgium

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Haacht Brewery is an independent and family-owned company based out of Belgium. They also specialize in brewing different types of specialty beers and produce soda and mineral water. One of their largest selling drinks and main brand, Primus, is produced from all natural ingredients. Primus is a pilsner, which is a distinct and unique type of beer. In October 2008, Lew 'LaraTBWA Sao Paulo, an agency in Brazil, released a print advertisement for Primus titled “Ocean”. The advertisement featured a group of young adults on a piece of wood floating in the ocean drinking Primus beer. It also engages in maintaining society 's constructed gender roles, contradictory racist marketing as well as the glorification of alcohol.
In the advertisement, the men are portraying their constructed gender roles. Primus has a specific drinker in mind, someone who has a good sense of who they are and stick to their beliefs. Primus drinkers do not conform to trends and “they follow their own course, arising from their own strength.” (“Primus Haacht”) The company prides itself on being independent and that their drinkers are this as well. Although Primus states that this is the type of drinker they would drink Primus, the advertisement suggests that men only drink Primus. In the ad, only the men are drinking beer. One man is pouring beer, and the other two are holding them in their hands. In society, there is the suggestion that beer is a man 's drink, and this advertisement conforms to that
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