How Has American Football Played Around The World

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Did you know, American Football is played around the world. If you've been in the military, you know that our American Football is played everywhere. There are leagues in Germany, Italy, Ireland, England, Scotland, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Romania, even Russia. How?
The extent of the game, has moved around the world. Though of course we know about the NFL and the Canadian Football League, but what about the other countries. How come we don't get to learn of these leagues? Some of these leagues are Pro leagues. The Germans even have their own "Super Bowl". But we don't get to learn about the influence "our" game has had on other countries.

There are even women's football leagues. In Germany there are even women referees.

How come our media
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These guys would start kicking field goals at the 30 yard line and move back. I was amazed when they moved back and kicked 65 yard field goals. The Punters, were kicking punts of over 40 yards. One punter even had hang times of over 4.5 seconds. Heck, that's Ray Guy's (Oakland Raiders) record in the NFL. That same kicker was sent into "the states" to try out with the Dallas Cowboys. He kicked one punt, turned around to grab another football while it was still in the air, when the ball came down 50 yards from where he was. That punter didn't get the job, the job went to a punter who only kicked 30 yard punts. Talk about dumb moves!

Our American Football has spanned the globe, thanks to our servicemen. The game has grown beyond our borders and expanded to the world. So why not let the Americans know of these teams? Are we so conditioned that only Americans can play "our" game? Are we so "cocky" that nobody but us, can be good at "our" game? Or is our so called experts, convinced only Americans can offer a good game? Maybe, just maybe, one of these teams could beat our players, and put the experts to shame? Or can "we" as a nation, compete against the world in our own
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