How Human Services Affect Communities And Organizations

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In this paper, we will be discussing how human services affect communities and organizations. This will include personal and political empowerment and how human service professionals are involved in the different social systems. We will also discuss how the social system responds to things such as sexual abuse and delinquency. We will learn about the roles and responsibilities human service workers have in the macro environment as well as understanding functionalism and theory to poverty. All of these things will give us a better understanding of how the human service professionals affect daily life.

When it comes to communities and organizations, human services professionals play a huge role. The more help a community has to offer the better the people are. Human services professionals are those who are in charge of helping with basic needs of clients. This could include but is not limited to food, housing, emergency assistance, healthcare, nursing home issues, etc. Communities, who show interest and keep up with the demands and needs of their residents, succeed far greater than those who don’t. Making sure residents are informed of services offered and where they can find the help they need, can relieve a lot of stressful situations. Human services professionals have personal, interpersonal and political empowerment. This means that they have the ability to help people, whether it’s an individual, family or community with what they need.

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