How Social Exclusion Affects The Feeling Of Physical Coldness

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Psychologists Chen-Bo Zhong and Geoffrey Leonardelli from the University of Toronto wanted to analyze the idea that social exclusion generates a physical response of coldness. In 2008, they did just that by carrying out an experimental study to address two questions in two different experiments; whether recall of a specific (social exclusion) event influences the feeling of physical coldness. The second experiment is based on the hypothesis of the first, given that coldness leads to the liking for warm or cold food. The present paper examines whether or not notions such as “cold and lonely” are expressions that can be applied to reality and not just an abstract illustration. Empirical evidence is adequately provided supporting the…show more content…
The purpose was to revive their feelings of isolation and loneliness. Comparatively, the other group recalled an experience in which they had been socially acknowledged and included into a group. Researchers hypothesized that priming social exclusion, as opposed to inclusion, would lead participants to report lower room temperature in experiment 1 and thus prefer hot food and drink in Experiment 2. The results of the experiments were in line with the experimental predictions that social exclusion leads to physical coldness and that the lack of social acceptance leads people to seek hot food and drinks. The following paragraphs will analyze Zhong’s research, evaluating strengths, limitations, and possible improvements for Experiment 1 and 2. Going through the methodology, the participants were students at the University of Toronto and were asked to recall a social exclusion event. It is a between-participants design, making it interesting to analyze individual differences in recall and how cold they felt afterwards. However, this doesn’t equate for external validity, as it is very unclear by what event the participants referred to as social exclusion. The researchers refer to previous studies carried out by Bargh, Chen, & Burrows (1996) in the introduction about the physical signs of social influence. This experiment however, is carried out in Toronto; the

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