How Stress Affects Our Lives

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Currently in the United States, there are many topics worth discussing concerning social problems. All of these topics deserve their fair share of dispute and discussion, but there are a few that are very important to me. They might not all be talked about on the news as much as the more prominent social problems occurring at the moment, but they are problems that I think affect the people in this country. Bullying, foreign relations, unemployment, education, and stress are all topics that I find affect our country and our lives immensely.
Stress is a normal thing we experience every day. The thing is, most people go through very high levels of stress on a daily basis, whether it 's work or family problems. Pretty much everything that comes our way in life can be a potential stress, maker. This is extremely unhealthy because stress can’t really be avoided, at least not completely. There are several ways to reduce stress, mostly like identifying what is stressing you out and confront it and to talk to people you trust- they might be able to bring some light to your situation. Also, it’s good to just take a deep breath every once in a while. Life can be overwhelming, but when it comes down to it, you control how much stress you can take.
Receiving a good education is extremely vital to our lives. Everything we learn helps us in some way to understand the world we live in. The problem is, the costs to attend a college are high and fewer people are majoring in teaching. The

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