How Technology Has Become An Educational Tool

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Technology has become an educational tool in schools and at home in the past ten years. There are a variety of educational websites out there to support students from a young age as young as three and up the age of college students. Web sites could be used in a classroom under the supervision of a teacher or at home under the monitoring of a parent. Web sites at a young age could help teach a child an essential skill and let them practice it that skill in an interactive way. Web sites in the younger grades can contribute to making learning fun and interactive while teaching them how to use the computer or an iPad properly. However, it is important for a teacher or parent to review a website first to make sure the content is appropriate for …show more content…

However, most of the time children will be sitting at a desk or at the computer playing the game, so it doesn’t involve a lot of movement. When you first go on the website, it shows you bubbles with each grade level on it. Then, within the grade, they organize the games in five categories. The five categories are letters, numbers, holiday, strategy, and skills. All the games within these five categories seem to have a direct relationship with the curriculum content while making learning fun. Also, all the games give the students an opportunity to engage in a higher level of thinking and offer multiple games for the same topic to allow children to pick which game is more comfortable for them to use. Also, could be easily accessed by a teacher or students through the utilization of a computer, iPad, tablet, or even cell phone, which is more accessible to them. also allows the teacher to create a class on the website and the teacher could monitor what the class is learning and playing and keep track of the students’ progress over a time period. Also, a teacher could use this website as a whole class on the SMART Board or allow the students to work independently on a laptop or iPad, or even break the students up into groups to work together to build teamwork skills. However, there are some cons to this website. It is mostly aimed for students to work independently and it could be difficult to use in groups or as a

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