How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay

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Technology in America has been a huge part of its growth over the past twenty years. Major innovations in technology have contributed to many sectors of society and created thousands of new jobs across the country. Many companies over the years have created and distributed several different types of electronics to make our lives easier. The main products that have made our lives that much better are the cellular phone and computer. There are many companies that produce and sell electronics, but the top leaders are Apple and Samsung. Even though these companies sell similar products, they have very different beginnings. Apple was founded in April 1976 by Steve Wozniak, than 26 years old, and Steve Jobs, 21, which were both college dropouts. Jobs and Wozniak made their first computer in 1976 for a computer hobbyist club. They began to gain some attention and sold 200 computers to a hobbyists in the San Francisco Bay area for $666 each. During that summer, Wozniak began work on the Apple II, which was designed to appeal to a broader market than just computer hobbyists. Jobs and Wozniak had the general consumer in mind by making a more attractive modular beige plastic container. In 1979 Apple introduced the Apple II+ with a lot more memory than the Apple II and an easier startup system. In 1984 Apple began producing the well known Macintosh computer. In the beginning, Macintosh sales temporarily dropped off after a great start. They began to make new Macintosh computers with

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