How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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It used to be that humans would win wars with wood, swords, and brute strength. It used to be that humans would hunt for their food. It used to be that only the rich and noble could read and write. Times have changed, the world has changed, humans have changed.
Humans have come a long way since the days of sticks and stone. Today, many people utilize technology as a way to live their life. Almost everyone carries around a smartphone and they rely on it. It is believed that smartphones give more control over their lives. The phone can be used call whoever they want, can be used to listen to whatever they want, play whatever type of games, and much more. Modern day smartphones offer a lot of freedom and the ability for an individual to express themselves. Out of convenience, many people store their information on their phones, post personal information on social media apps, and share their locations and pictures with their friends to show off how exciting their life is. Yet, why is it that just as humans believe they are gaining more freedom and mobility, that very freedom is being robbed away?
Perhaps the perpetrator is the very thing that disguises itself as a herald of freedom. In his essay, “iPod”, Michael Bull analyzes the effects of the iPod. Bull mentions how the iPod allows the user to listen to the audio of their choice and only the user can hear it. It is personal and allows privacy, control, and a bubble from reality: “The iPod puts users in tune with their

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