How Technology Has Changed Society

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Surgeries Whether it is the technology that allows us to peer deep into the body or medicines that extend the lives of those with chronic diseases, it is easy to see how advances in health and medicine have touched the lives of nearly every person on the planet. (Childs) In order to fully understand the effect technology has on society, we must know what technology means. Technology is simply the application of science in our daily lives.(Biggs) It’s using scientific research to supply our needs and resolve our problems. With this being said, technology has helped in many aspects of life, including the medical field.
Imagine what life was like in the past without the scientific technologies we have today. Imagine a world without vaccinations, antibiotics, medicines, or medical procedures technology has allowed us to do today. Technological advancements have helped humans in many ways and one specific example is when it comes to treating patients in hospitals through surgery. The goal of surgeries is to extend lives and prevent any crucial illnesses. Surgeries have helped patients who suffer bad illnesses that can kill them to gain more hope in life. Nowadays, surgery can be as painful as an ant bite as opposed to back one hundred years ago when people would actually die because of the surgery and not because of the disease or illness they had.
Health back in the ancient times was never under control because of lack of knowledge in diseases and many functions of the

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