How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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Technology has adapted a lot within our daily lives making it essential to our daily lives! There isn’t a time will technology will end, because there are always ways to adjust old things and keep improving from there, nothing is perfect. Toilets has increased water pressure for a better flush, but before there wasn’t a toilet, toilet paper even! Communication has also changed from verbal to written communication. Vintage phones that connects to a wire, transitioned to wireless with an antenna, and now a smartphone with a large, slim, touchscreen full of apps! Technology has advanced so much, that the internet was made even though it isn’t physically there. Google is an example of a website that is made by the internet that billions of people of all ages have used at least once in their lifetime. is a popular search engine because it’s great for planning, research, and entertainment. A search engine is a website made with the internet, used to find anything one types in the search box. is perfect for planning because the Google company also created the website stands for Google mail, where Google Mail is used for exchange of information with emails created with the Google website. Along with Gmail is Google Calendar. Google Calendar allows users to make online calendars, including tasks and events. With the Google Calendar, users can share their schedule, create and edit events together too. If there are any changes to an event,
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