Technology And Its Impact On The Development Of A Polio Vaccine

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Technology contributes a great role in our daily lives in today’s world. The advancement of technology in health care services has increased and improved tremendously over the past century. New technology, new drugs and creative surgical procedures have made possible a wide variety of life enhancing and life extending medical accomplishments. The increase life expectancy throughout the twentieth century involves in the development of the high technology. The discovery of the antibiotics to cure life threatening infections, the development of a polio vaccine, wide spread use of contraceptive and the first successful organ transplant defines the health care our new generation. Access of patient’s health, medical record made it easy and fast…show more content…
Improving an expediting diagnosis. Patients require less hospitalization stay because of the advanced technology and development of better instruments, surgeries are performed less invasive. Reducing the time in the hospital through improved surgical outcomes, improve the cost spent on health care. The development and improved technology in the healthcare industry, helps the healthcare providers and practitioner continue to find ways to improve their practice, which includes better diagnosis, surgical procedures, and improved patient care. Advancing disease prevention. Research and testing are constantly conducted by medical scientists and physicians for new procedures to help in developing new drugs and medicines that can lessen the symptoms or treat ailments, diagnose, prevent, and cure diseases as well. However, the advanced medical technology raises a controversy between financial and ethical issues. The ability of the technology to extend life, quality of life and the right to die. The rising cost of the technology over used by the provider for the sake of defensive medicine. Many said that if the technology is used properly it would lower health care costs. The Agency for Healthcare Policy and Quality has a challenging mission as technological and scientific advances make it more difficult to sort out the complexities of health care and determine what
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