How To Protect America Essay

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I’m writing in response to Presidents address, specifically in the areas where he discusses the safety measures that will be taken by the United States to protect our country. I can generally concur with a fraction of what he intends to do. For example, hunting down terrorist plotters wherever they may be. This is a incredibly vital step in ensuring the safety of innocent American citizens. There are terrorists all over the world that must be stopped. These radicalized people have a twisted perception of faiths and captivating the lives of countless innocent citizens. If we do not stop these sick people in time, who knows how many more lives will be taken. This isn’t only protecting America; it is also defending the lives of many innocent humans on earth. America is not the only target for terrorist. We are just one of numerous countries that endure from the pain these people cause.
I can too state that I see eye to eye with the United States joining forces with our allies in destroying ISIL along with other terrorist organizations. Our strongest allies at the moment in the fight on terrorism include: France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.
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I believe giving weapons and training to Iraqi and Syrian forcing. My foremost reason goes back to the initiative that our country doesn’t want to allow Syrian refugees into the U.S. If we cannot tell who is a refugee and not ISIL, how can we determine whether the people we are providing weapons to are a part of ISIL or not? I am not putting disregard those who are trying to defend the safety of others, but it is a part of logic. How can we trust someone who says they are combating to demolish ISIL when we can’t trust someone who says they are a refugee? We could possibly be handing them the weapons to turn around and use on us. I am all for getting the help we need to stop these awful people, but we cannot contradict ourselves with our
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