How Video Games Cause Emotions

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Too often the theory emotions focus on the real world, and not on how emotions are elicited through personal forms of entertainment. This is idea is how our emotions can be elicited through the means of fictional/make belief video games. Moreover, how video games cause emotions in the player, though they are perceived as perceptual illusion. Nonetheless, this form of entertainment causes certain emotion, however Gabriele Taylor would argue those emotional responses/feelings are wrong. This is because the player is often entertained through the means of causing violence. Therefore, this essay will first focus on how these emotions are rational (insofar that they are not recalcitrant), and argue that our emotional responses caused from video …show more content…

Though the monster cannot physically harm the player, the fear it generates is how the monster may harm the agent in a different way. A common example in video games is the player’s character is often met with a gruesome end if they lose. In effect, the video game will visually punish the player with a morbid cut scene if they lose, which reinforces their desire to win. To further this problem, often horror video games will not explicitly display a monstrous figure to the player. Rather, many horrors based games use the essence of suspense, where the dangerous object (or many of them) could come from anywhere. Often there are additional elements used to emphasize the moments of terror (such as music, the lighting, or certain sound effects). In effect, the environment contributes in the generating feelings of fear. A popular example of these genres of video games is Dead Space, Resident Evil, or Silent-Hill. All three games will make the player know that the monster (and many of them) could come from anywhere in the environment. In effect, because the player forms beliefs that the environment adds to their danger, this ensures the persistence of fear in the player. Aside from the idea of fear, this concept can be held for any other video game where the agent participates in these make-belief/fictional games to fulfill a certain emotional desire. In effect, these desires are met with certain challenging objectives

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