How Will I Advertise?

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How Will I Advertise I will advertise by first post flyer in common areas around our facility. This will help to spread information faster, and current internal employees can pass the information on to their friends and family. I will also advertise by posting our job advertisement to I choose indeed/com because according to, it is the number one most accessed job-seeking website, stated in their article titled Top 15 Most Popular Job Websites. Will be able export the job advertisement onto the website, and if an individual is interested enough to click “apply” it will direct them right to our web application. Once the application and resume is submitted all of the information will be transferred to our database. From there I will be able to sort through the applicants and proceed to set up interviews. I will also like to add, before I publish the advertisement I will go over the current job description and requirements to ensure that it is still accurate and make changes if needed Recruiting and Compliance I will begin the recruiting process once I receive approval regarding the recruiting plan. Hopefully, recruiting can begin this upcoming Monday (August 22nd, 2016), as represented on the timeline. I am not trying to rush the process, but the sooner the recruiting plan is put into action, the sooner will be able to reach out to people and fill positions. After the in office interviews are conducted, applicant will have up to 3 days to submit a
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