Hp Is A Consumer Electronics Company

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Hewlett-Packard more commonly known as HP is a consumer electronics company. Since their humble beginnings they have had a focus on inventive thinking and creativity. Last year this company celebrated its 75th anniversary. 75 years is a major accomplishment for any company, but it is especially significant for a company in an industry as competitive and prone to change as the technology industry. HP has been inventing and manufacturing electronics for almost twice as long as several of the industries major players such as Apple and Microsoft. With a research and development budget rivaling that of much larger companies such as Apple, HP still places a lot of emphasis on the creation of new technology. Throughout this project we will be …show more content…

Shortly after starting his job at General electric Dave Packard took a leave of absence and moved himself and his new wife to Palo Alto California, and began working with Bill Hewlett to start their own company using an idea Bill had during his time as a student.
The Idea that would start not only HP but all of Silicon Valley was the subject of Bill Hewlett’s thesis subject at Stanford. Bill envisioned an audio oscillator that would be cheaper to make, easier to operate, more accurate, and more portable than what was available at the time. The key to this new oscillator was a small light bulb. By glowing brighter or dimmer the light bulb could stabilize the signal strength, cancelling unwanted variations. This gave Bill’s design a great advantage over other companies. After more experimentation and testing Bill and Dave were able to take the thesis project and make HP’s first product, the 200A Oscillator. The name was chosen to make it appear that they had designed other similar devices and that this was not the company’s first product. The first major buyer to benefit from Bill’s new design was Walt Disney. Before their purchase Disney requested some design changes which lead to the 200B oscillator. Disney needed a new kind of audio oscillator to get movie theaters ready for the upcoming release of their new movie fantasia. Due to the musical nature of the movie,

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