Hr And Mandatory Flu Vaccination

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HR and Mandatory Flu Vaccines in the Workplace
Candice Cole
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Abstract page
In a workplace, vaccines are substantial because flu is unpredictable and impossible to tell the seriousness and intensity of the next flu outbreak. The World Health Organization has issued a warning against a pandemic that may be caused by the H1N1 flu virus across the globe. The president’s council also warned that the virus many affect half the population in U.S since it is highly contagious and goes for two days before showing any serious symptoms. In this case, strict measures should be taken. In many states, it has come down to either a receiving flu vaccine or risk getting terminated. This paper will, therefore, …show more content…

The effects of flu range from mild to severe and most healthy people recover within two weeks. However, those with weak immune systems may suffer complications such as bronchitis, sinus, ear infections, and pneumonia and it is even fatal for patients with asthma.
In essence, various individuals do not understand the implications of flu outbreaks to the economic and health status of a country. For example, the SEIU Healthcare Employees Union recently attempted to stop Rhode Island Department of Health from asking its members to wear masks when in contact with patients or get vaccines (Richardson & Weaver, 2016). No person is at greater risk of contracting the virus or spreading the flu than a healthcare worker since he or she regularly encounter patients with various infections. SEIU should have considered what would happen if all nurses were infected and unable to carry out their duties for two weeks (Black, 2016). Additionally, the South District Court in Ohio allowed an employee to continue with a lawsuit against her former employer, who had fired her upon refusal to get a flu shot.
Considering the expenses used to treat seasonal flu and the losses that companies incur, it is rational why companies want to keep their employees as healthy as possible, and they have the right to ensure that their staffs are vaccinated as a condition of employment. However, there are some exceptions, which may include religious

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