Essay about Hrm 590 Job Analysis

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Literature Review The process of Job Analysis, on the surface, seems to be a fairly easy process, although time consuming. Initially I thought that conducting a Function Job Analysis (FJA) was only useful in an industrial environment, one in which processes or tasks were done repetitively. But found after reading various articles by top human resources specialist that a Functional Job Analysis, is one of the most accurate and useful tools in the human resources specialists tool box. There are many reasons to conduct Job Analysis, some of have to do with setting pay for employees, ensuring that a company’s positions are in line with the industry, in other words internal reasons, and then there are legal reasons to conduct job…show more content…
Also, I would have interviewed the incumbent, if there is one and interviewed others within the company performing similar or identical task, since I was unable to do that I did look at the Job Descriptions for like jobs in the other Human Resource Departments. This might result in reclassification of some positions to bring them into line with the same type positions in the company because the information obtained from the analysis provides an accurate assessment of how to design a given positions description and set selection criteria. Each article makes it clear that job analysis plays an important part in Human Resources Management (HRM) in that it helps set pay levels, aids in recruitment, interviewing, selection and placement, and helps both the supervisor and HR determine training requirements for incumbents. The FJA provided me with the information I needed to write task statements, and to develop Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) statements. By actually watching tasks performed by the incumbent and documenting how often each task was performed and what abilities the incumbent brought to each task. For instance, since the incumbent is the receptionist/administrative assistance for a 10 person office, they would need to know how to use
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