Hrm's Role in Finding the Right Person for the Job

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HRM’s Role


HRM’s Role in Finding the Right Person for the Job

HRM’s Role


HRM’s Role in Finding the Right Person for the Job Human Resources Management as an organizational function is indispensible in providing human capital to ensure the organizational mission and goals are achieved. This requires a particular expertise in determining several factors to hire and retain the most qualified incumbent possible. Several processes must be performed to achieve this goal; such as: job planning, compensation, benefits, recruitment, selection, and development. These correlating processes are instrumental in finding the right person for the job. First, in his book, Human Resources Management, John M. Ivancevich states that “Human
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It is also important that the job analyst become familiar with the organization by utilizing charts and other information to gain a complete overview of the organization’s mission, values and goals. There are a few techniques a job analyst uses to conduct this assessment, which are: observation, interviews, questionnaires, and logs. Usually, the analyst will use a combination of these techniques to gain comprehensive results from the assessment exercise. Once the analysis is complete, the next step is to aggregate correlating tasks and functions based on the nature of the job into corresponding job descriptions. This is called Job Design. Job design has its own scientific process as well; with specific techniques developed to marry scientific management principles with job enlargement principles to ensure employees are involved in a full scope of work that is meaningful to them and the organization. After the duties and skills are determined, it is crucial to establish compensation and benefits that are suitable for the position for competitive reasons. “The objective of the compensation function is to create a system of rewards that is equitable to the employer and employee alike. The desired outcome is an employee who is attracted to the work and motivated to do a good job for the employer.” (Ivancevich, pg. 295) There are several variables to consider when making compensation decisions: 1) compliance

HRM’s Role
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