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Case Analysis Rubric HRMT295 Name: Andrew Robinson Xuan Ngo Shi Zhang Bernard Dublois Instructor: Leanne Floden Date: 21 September, 2012 Title of Case: Introduction I, Marion Forbes the recently appointed senior human resources manager at Hallington Utilities Services (HUS), am facing with a dilemma; work out HR strategies with the Organizations mission and handle employee’s issues and concerns. HUS has made changes due external and internal factors encountered in the market as well as the new regulations happening within the sector. All are very complicated and my main issues are privatizing, downsizing, unionization, motivation, training and compensation. With the information collected, I need to figure out…show more content…
Employee position Motivation/ Compensation After conversing with employees, I found out some problems that are occurring with HUS’s motivation and compensation. There is conflict between HUS’s Hay method and employee satisfaction resulting in a giant mess of the compensation. This could drive HUS to face many troubles if those problems are not solved. Colin Moore works hard to distinguish himself; however, he is dissatisfied with organizational opportunities, which cause no appreciative compensation. Moreover, he believes he has missed a chance to compete with new employees because of technical inability. Looking at another position, a massive fix is needed by Bob, who has worked seven years in HUS’s HR department. In a pressured working environment, Bob has been asked for offering competitive raises to support managers’ preferred employees. It will cause him to switch lots of programs to provide better compensation for employees. Based on what Bob’s shared he is also having a problem filling out benefit forms, which he has considered be fixed. Bobs role is very hectic at this time; he was not able to hand out forms unless he would have an assistant. Training and recruitment While talking with Norm, I realized that HUS has inefficient recruitment and selection processes. Reference checks, background checks, and drug tests are all a missing part of the
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