Essay on Human Relations Chapter Three Case Study

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1. What seems to be Muhtar Kent’s attitude toward Coca Cola’s local communities, its brands and its people?
Mr. Kents attitude toward the coca cola local community and its people seems to be in developing leadership, as well as jobs where people want to come to work. Also to refresh communities when it comes to their beverage choice, as well as giving back to the community, and being responsible to its employees itself as well as the communities that supports their product. 2. Using Theory X, Theory Y, describe Mr. Kent’s Management Attitude.
I believe that Mr. kents overall management attitude is more on the lines of the Pygmalion effect where the attitudes of the supervisors, which is instilled through the learning organization,
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The values of leadership are evident, as well as integrity, accountability, quality as well as diversity. 6. Coca Cola and Mr. Kent’s vision statement and manifest for growth currently does not seem to directly address the issue of spirituality in the workplace. What guidelines could he and Coca Cola employ to rework these statements to address the issue of workplace spirituality? The Coca-Cola company needs to instill the philosophy into their vision, that employees and future employees are encouraged to grow not only with the company but within themselves. They could incorporate more of the learning organization approach, and maybe have classes and hired people to assist with employee self-awareness, spirituality, and the fact that with the company a person can trust in them, because they act with authenticity and are congruent with their visions and mission statements. Most importantly, The Coca-Cola company must not violate the beliefs or discriminate towards anyone in the global market for their honors and beliefs so that they can maintain a high level of integrity as well as a great place to work, not just for profits. Also I wanted to add, that they CEO makes all this money and it would be nice if they started giving bonuses for employees that excel as well as promote from within, and not grab any old person from anywhere, make the employee go

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