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Part 1 The group decision making process

"Humans are small group beings. We always have been and we always will be. The ubiquitousness of groups and the inevitability of being in them makes groups one of the most important factors in our lives. As the effectiveness of our groups goes, so goes the quality of our lives." (Johnson and Johnson 2003: 579). Since I have studied in Exeter University, I have been taught to study in a group, which is totally different from my undergraduate course. In Human resource management class, we have been divided in three groups, there are seven people in my group.who are from China, Malaysia and Japan. Following Gibbs model of reflection(1988), this essays will illustrate five steps, which
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I will link this theory to our group decision making. In order to complete human resource management course work which was a role play about company interview, firstly we defined the requirement of the role play. Then we collected relevant information and gathered our ideas. Thirdly, we listed alternative options, one was only interviewer and candidate, the other was including
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