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Critique the prioritizing process at D.D. Williamson
D.D. Williamson was founded in 1865 and has grown into a multi-billion dollar global organization. It has nine natural coloring operations in five continents. With that being said this means that nothing but quality and execution is expected out of D.D. Williamson. According to Case Study 2 “Prioritizing Projects at D.D. Williamson”, D.D. Williamson uses Outlook to database to keep track of much of its project and daily work. Outlook is a great tool depending on the nature of the project because it enables D.D Williamson when using the tools in Outlook to break their many complex projects into manageable sub-projects, assign roles and responsibilities as well as break down the structure
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The D.D. Williamson company decided to approach their project management task by using a four step method designed to prioritize, weigh, refine, and rate each project: 1) Establish criteria for prioritizing projects. 2) Weigh each criterion. 3) Refine the list of projects. 4) Rate each project on each criterion and total ratings (Kloppenborg, 2010). The problem with this method is that project management team did not conduct a strategic analysis outlining the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) that is associated with each of the 78 projects. Their failure to include the “internal and external elements” (Kloppenborg, 2010) in which to base their scoring criteria did not provide the team with the direction and guidance needed to effectively base their scoring system. Completing the SWOT would have established “guiding principles” such as vision, mission and provide the team a clear way forward to determine the organization’s capabilities and its ability to perform needed projects (Kloppenborg, 2010).
Project five (5) years ahead and speculate whether or not D. D. Williamson will be using the same process. Justify your answer.
In the next five years, D.D. Williamson will not be using the same managing methods. One of the reasons why they will not be using the same strategies because some projects are going to become a lot more complex and this company is going to have to develop many different techniques in order to successfully
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