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CHAPTER 8 ORIENTATION & TRAINING Unit 3 Chapter 8 (a) Read the Running Case:, The New Training Program on p.235- 236 in the course textbook and answer the three questions. Questions: How would you change LearnInMotion’s orientation program? Should this company rename this process to an onboarding program instead? I would start by changing the LearnInMotion’s orientation program. I understand that that there is no formal onboarding, training policies or procedures so, it is time for HR or Jennifer and Pierre to put a formal onboarding orientation in place. They should include:  a handbook  a tour of the facility  introduction to the supervisors  presentation on the organization and supporting written …show more content…

When meeting the employee make them feel very welcome this is very important to remember. Let them know what an exciting place it is to work and how much fun they are going to have at work. Rewards, welcome gifts whether the gift is a pen or a company mouse pad these are all great ways to make an employee feel welcome the first day. Things that should be included in the employer’s orientation are the employee’s checklist with every single form and policy.

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