Human Resource Management : An Organization 's Strategic Planning

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When it comes to human resource management, all of the human resource functions have to be perfectly aligned with the organization’s strategic plan. As the sole communicator of an organization’s views, human resource management expresses the thoughts and wishes of the company. With an organization’s strategic planning, there are many parts that human resource management has to take on including: selection and staffing, organization development, and training and development. In terms of selection and staffing, every company has an ideal employee when looking through prospective candidates. Human resource knows exactly what the company is looking for, and how to implement it by finding employees to fill the gaps in the company. With organization and development, every company has to anticipate the possibility of a change in the workplace, and human resource management is in-charge of passing along the changes to the rest of the employees. Lastly is training and development, where human resource management lay out the fundamentals of preparing employees for their new work environment. In some companies an annual training is required after a specific number of months or years to keep employees fresh on new ideas, and how to function well in the company. The company’s mission and vision statements are also an important factor in human resource management, where rallying employees for excitement and moral is important to keep everyone working at their full potential for the
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