Human Resource Management And Corrective Measures

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Because the human resources are an important part of the structure of any company or organization and is directly responsible for measuring management experts to the effect of their policies on job performance, most companies are taking care of it. It is very important to create the appropriate environment for the staff, communicate with them and to benefit the most of their abilities and measure the return on investment in training, and this became the basis of the golden rules of the best companies in the world today. Today, a successful manager is the one who follows those rules and provides a better working environment, and in light of the difficult economic conditions experienced by everyone, the staff calls for individual programs in order to improve performance and meet the functional challenges, and if everyone at work has special needs must be heard by the employer and understand is because listening and realizing the opposite end is the basis for the successful practices of human resource management and corrective measures in the company and motivate staff. Some companies work on an annual survey and according to specific criteria such as professional development of employees, salary levels and stimulating, the work environment that reflects the nature of the deal between the employee and administrative leadership, the extent of respect and appreciation received by the employee in addition to the extent of his participation in the decision-making related to his

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