Human Resource Strategic Plan For The National Commission For Civic Education

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This study has gradually sort to develop a human resource strategic plan for the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE). In order to meet the last objective of the study which seeks to turn the alternative solutions into an action plan by way of a human resource strategic plan to be implemented by the management of NCCE., this chapter spells out implementation strategies based on the Human Resource Strategic framework in chapter two, objectives of NCCE and internal and external analysis of the study. According to Bono and Judge (2003), a human resource strategic plan could be developed to last between three to five years. For the purpose of this work with the NCCE keenly in mind, the strategic human resource plan has been designed to last for five years.
Strategic Human Resource Action Plan
This Human Resource Strategic Action Plan is design to assist managers and staff members in communicating about performance. Continuous application of this Action Plan will ensure that employees know what is expected of them, how they are performing and what can be done to strengthen their performance.
The action plan present the solutions implementing appropriate human resource strategies to solving the poor performance in the NCCE; the time frame to executing the Action Plan; the various activities to be carried out; the roles of both management and staff in carrying out the Action Plan; the budget involved in implementation the plan and the strategy

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