Humanistic Personality

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The humanistic perspective on personality deals exclusively with human behavior. Humanistic psychologists believe that human nature includes a natural drive towards personal growth, that humans have the freedom to choose what they do regardless of environmental factors, and humans are mostly conscious beings and are not controlled by unconscious needs and conflicts. They also believe that a person's subjective view of the world is more important than objective reality. Two of the humanistic theorists that have made an impact of humanism are Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow. When thinking about my personality in regard to different personality theories, I felt that I could most relate to the humanistic theory. Carl Rogers described …show more content…

I am a simple person that is spontaneous at times. I have interests that I like to pursue when I get the chance. There are times when I like to be around my friends, and there are times when I like to be alone, so I'm well-balanced. I have a few strong friendships, but not too many to deal with. I think that I am a mentally well-balanced healthy person, and that Maslow would describe me as a self-actualizing

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