Humanity and Social Forces

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Humanity has been trying to formulate an answer to the question of why we do what we do for years and years. The field of psychology searches for the answer within us, that is to say, they examine the internal forces that make us do what we do. However, sociology searches for the answer in terms of external forces. Sociology sets out to prove that human behavior is controlled by forces of social interaction, while in turn the behaviors of humans control the forces of social interaction in a cycle that controls many aspects of life. The way in which people behave and conduct their lives can be based on a plethora of factors such as social stratification. Through social stratification people are grouped into social “layers” based on their property, power, and prestige (Henslin). Social locations also play an important role in human behavior. Social class divides people based on income, education, and occupation (Henslin). Social statuses allow division and labeling based upon different positions that someone occupies. For example, a man is the CEO of a corporation, therefore one of his statuses is CEO, which may cause others to treat him differently because of his status. Not only does his status influence the people’s behavior around him, it also influences his own behavior as a result of how he is treated. However, while some social statuses are given, others you are born with. The term “ascribed status” is used to describe a status with which one is born, such as gender

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