Hunger in San Diego Persuasive Speech

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1 | Page . Attention Step . When will you eat next? Will you be eating dinner tonight? . Need Step . Today, there are over 446,000 people that are going hungry in San Diego County. . A story of a fellow San Diegan and her family who are also having hunger problems. 1. Alejandra in her late 20s moved in with her sister Marisol, her husband, and her three kids to help take care of them. 2. Marisol worked days and Alejandra nights so there was always someone to take care of the kids. 3. Marisol’s husband lost his job as construction worker, Marisol was laid off from hers as a housekeeper at a Holiday Inn, and then Alejandra lost her restaurant job. 4. It became hard…show more content…
. Action Step . Fact is…people are hungry…. but the San Diego Food Bank is there to help. . So today, I would like to encourage you to pull out your phones when you leave this classroom today, simply text capital letters “SD” to 20222, and this will make a 10$ donation to the San Diego Food Bank, just a simple thing, yet that 10 dollars will provide 30 meals for people in need. . This week, I myself am going to make a ten dollar donation and drop off a bag of food to the Food Bank. . If San Diegans work together, we can eliminate hunger in San Diego

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