Hybrid Cloud And Public Cloud

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HYBRID CLOUD: The organisation which does not give rights to the trusted third party to govern the management of the clouds because of various security limitations will try to implement this kind of cloud. Hybrid cloud is the combination of the public cloud and private cloud the data transfer takes place without creating any effect to both of the clouds, it allows the computing needs to deal with the clouds and the cost changes according to the resource. The advantages of hybrid cloud are its data storage , bandwidth flexibility to the business sector. Hybrid cloud which is designed properly is used for security services for customers payment etc.. In this cloud the most secured and sensitive data is placed on small private cloud and the…show more content…
This cloud model is based on an agreement with business organization example banking or other big organizations .one of the example of community cloud is face book (“Community Cloud”, n.d.). VI.SECURITY THREATS OF CLOUD: Cloud computing has many security threats. The major ones among those are breaching of data and abuse of cloud services. This has been listed by cloud computing alliance. In order to know about data breaching cloud alliance described the usage of side channel sharing information by two virtual machines working on the mutual server.Indepth knowledge is not important for hacker to pull off but if a database is improperly designed existence of single flaw will leads to hacking of entire data. The major challenge underlying while addressing this threats of leakage of secured data and manipulation or modification of content of data is that protecting the security of data. One of the solutions for this problem to ensure the security to data is encryption of data. This model reduces the data leakage to some extent. The major role while encrypting a plaintext into the cipher text i.e.., encrypted data, is the key used. If we lost the encryption key there may not be any possibility in recovering the data. This
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