I Am A Holistic Thinker

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3. How does your orientation in these 6 areas compare with the expectations of our society? (School, jobs, relationships) Explain.
My orientation in the six areas may or may not compare with the expectations of our society. I am time oriented. This is a very American way of thinking. American schools, businesses, and homes often have a clock in every room, and nearly everyone wears a watch. Each day is organized into time periods of specific length, and use of each period is fully planned. Anniversaries, dates, and historical chronologies also have special importance.
I am a holistic thinker. This orientation tends to be present in Hebrew and other non-western cultures while dichotomistic thinking lies primarily in the west. This tends to be because westerners tend to use the left hemisphere of the brain which is analytical, logical, precise, and time sensitive, while the non-western cultures use the right hemisphere which is holistic, emotional, pattern recognition, and sensory. Although hemispheric dominance limits the creativity of individuals and cultures, the general tendency is towards extremes. Western schooling and religious denominations suppress the concrete, emotional, and synthetic thinkers, while non-western cultures suppress their analytic and abstract thinkers.
I am also more non-crisis oriented than crisis oriented. My orientation is seen more in non-American societies. An example is the American military system. They have a set code of
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