I Have Always Enjoyed Taking Personality Tests

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I have always enjoyed taking personality tests. From reading my horoscope to looking up facts about my learning style, I have a great deal of fun learning more about myself. After taking the Myers-Briggs test, and examining the Social Penetration Theory and Pillow Method, I have begun to see a more accurate, as well as academic, concept of my personality. To begin, my Myers-Briggs personality type has changed over time. Last May, I took this test and found I was an INFJ personality type; this time, my results showed ESFJ. The difference in my results are balanced, as I am 9% Extroverted, 6% Sensing, 50% Feeling, and 19% Judging. The first two criterions that changed are low percentages, meaning that I show a slight preference for extroversion over introversion, and sensing perception over intuition. Over the past year, I have noticed myself becoming more extroverted. Since I frequently surround myself with people who understand, love, and support me, it is easy to be myself, and not worry of what others think of me. My comfort around my friends, as well as my growth in self-confidence and self-awareness, has influenced my ability to gain and express my energy from others, rather than internally. Also, these results show a modest preference for the sensing perception, meaning I am well balanced at processing information from my personal understanding of the situation, as well as the facts from outside perspectives. However, the criterions that have stayed the same are my
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