I Have The Pleasure Of Teaching Maiyuki Druen Essay

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I have had the pleasure of teaching Maiyuki Druen for three years; as an 8th grader in Advanced Geometry, as a sophomore in Math 174 Dual Credit Pre-Calculus through Morehead State University, and currently as a junior in AP Calculus. In 8th grade, Maiyuki chose to arrive at school an hour earlier in order to take Advanced Geometry at the high school. She was by far the best student in the class, even though she was in a class of extremely bright freshmen and sophomore high school students. Constantly pursuing opportunities for herself, as a sophomore, she chose to take a dual credit class designed for juniors and seniors. She requested special permission in order to take this college level class as a sophomore, and it was granted based on her stellar academic record. She continues to push herself academically in my AP Calculus class. She accepts the challenging problems I assign to the class as an opportunity to further develop her understanding of the mathematics we are studying. She often spends time analyzing the different approaches to a problem in order to determine the best course of action, and will diligently work the solution discussing her results with her peers. Often I will observe her having a discussion about the problem solving process with a fellow student rather than just conferring about her solution.

While actively engaging in class discussions, she will articulate beautiful solutions in such detail that even the most struggling students can
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