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Case overview: Change in the business from local to global prospect provided for great opportunity to grow and at the same time brought in more challenges in the organizational structure of the companies. This case provides for a detailed discussion about various challenges present in developing a global integration. There are various forces that narrated about the reasons for IBM’s decision to become a globally integrated enterprise (Kanter, 2009). Various requirements enabled in developing the required skills for global leaders. For developing a new integration process, more detailed analysis about the issues associated with the employees, organization directly or indirectly involved in IBM has to me made. By analyzing the issues, it…show more content…
Global forces: More business opportunities and revenue were generated by IBM from outside US and more from emerging markets and European countries (Kanter, 2009). All these countries have various cultures, skill sets, government policies and requirements which demands for various management style. Growing competition and accelerated development in the developing countries, required for the integration of global resources to provide the best to customers. Palmisano in 2006 clearly stated that multinational companies like IBM will have major effect on the global economy (Kanter, 2009). More flexibility is required as the requirement of every customer is different from others. This increases the demand for new technologies and makes the operations and functionality of the company to be more flexible. The trend in the market has changed in denoting the multinational companies as global companies. Need of the hour is one goal, one mission for all that is, company should always think globally when making plan about future. A company is expected to be proactive in order to manage the unexpected changes in the rules and regulations related to trade and commerce. Literacy and the availability of skilled labors around the globe especially in India and China are increasing which has to be grabbed in order to have a strong hold in the huge growing market. Development of internet and communication system has actually shorten the distance and

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