INET Lab Report 1 Measurement Essay

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BioLab3 Lab Report 1 Measurement Student Name: I. Length Measurement EXERCISE 1 – Measuring length using the meter A dime and a meter stick have been used to determine the following: How thick is one dime? 1 mm How thick would a stack of ten dimes be? 10 mm How thick would a stack of one hundred dimes be? 100 mm How thick would a stack of one thousand dimes be? 1,000 mm Determine the height of each of the following stacks of dimes in metric units. 10 dimes = 10 millimeters (mm) 10 dimes = 1 centimeters (cm) 10 dimes = .1 decimeters (dm) 10 dimes = .01 meters (m) EXERCISE 2 – Measuring length Measure the length of the following objects using the most appropriate…show more content…
Celsius Fahrenheit Kelvin Room Temperature 24°C 75.2 ˚F 297 K Ice Water 3°C 37.4 ˚F 276 K Boiling Water 100°C 212 ˚F 373 K Body Temperature 37°C 98.6 ˚F 310 K Summary Questions 1. How has the global economy and the metric system influenced United States manufacturing? The United States has to reconfigure the measurement of goods due to not using the metric system. 2. Name the basic unit of metric measurement of each of the following: Length Meters Volume Liters Mass Kilograms Temperature Celsius 3. Explain how the metric units for length, volume and mass are related. 1 cubic centimeter equals 1 ml equals 1 g of h2O 4. What is the approximate mass of 400 ml of water? 400 g 5. Which metric units of length would most conveniently measure the following: Paper clip centimeters Laboratory table meters Hair width millimeters Dallas to Chicago Kilometers 6. If an object is 4.5 cm long, what would its length be in mm? 45 mm 7. Determine the mass of 30 ml of water. 30 g 8. What metric unit of volume is used in Europe to measure gasoline? Liters If the price of this volume of gasoline is $1.19, are you receiving a bargain compared to U.S. prices? (One quart equals 0.95 liters.) Cost of gas per gallon 4.52 9. Your friend’s temperature is 39.5°C. Does this indicate a problem? Yes. 103.1 °F 10. Convert 40°C to °F. 104 °F 11. The air temperature is 45°C. How will you dress

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