Identity Theft: Information Security Breach

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Identity Theft Hackers are extremely clever at finding ways to get their hands on what they want. In some cases, this can include the most personal of information. According to a recent report published by the Identity Theft Resource Center, “More than 368 big data breaches have been reported in the first half of 2014” (Srinivasan 1). These are more than just individual breaches as each database may include thousands of people in each. With each case being on such large scales, the magnitude of these breaches is extremely massive. The identities and data of the people in these databases were at extreme risk. In 2011, there was a huge attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network. At the time, there was a huge amount of people – about 77 million – that…show more content…
While running a painting business last summer, I tried many different methods to market my business in hopes to generate more revenue. Over the years, a database had been built with information consisting of names, addresses, phone numbers, things on their house that either looked like they potentially needed painting at the time, or would need painting in the future, and much other data. I spent a few hours here and there sifting through this database, making phone calls in effort to try and make sales. However, this was extremely unsuccessful. Most everyone that I made a call to seemed very confused that I had their number, and some seemed frustrated and took their anger out on me. This was probably because I was interrupting their personal that they were not expecting to be pestered into buying something. With this being an unsuccessful marketing strategy, my time was wasted when I could have been using other strategies that were more successful. Not only is this a waste of time, but I also had all this information in front of my face about these people who had no idea that it was being stored in a database. I had several people ask me to remove them from the list, but I had no way of doing so with the program that I was using. I assume that other companies are this way as well, and lie to you when they say…show more content…
Companies should also be required to explicitly inform people as they are filling out forms that the information is going in to a database. If this happens, then people can be more aware of what is going on with their information. If the proposed ideas above become actual laws, then there will be much better security with data, as well as more peace of mind for the affected people.

Conclusion Data mining can cause more problems than it worth. It can be a useful marketing tool for businesses, but at the risk of major privacy threats. If the results can include security issues, false information, and cause inefficiencies on both ends, then it needs to be considered and improved. With the proposed solutions, data mining can become more secure, a less of a misguided problem. The solutions are extremely reasonable, it is just a matter of the government and data mining companies putting in effort to make them
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