Ideo 's Creative And Internal Systems Culture

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What makes a company successful? In a changing industry dominated by big corporations, the success of a business ultimately relies on a supportive and creative environment where a product can thrive. In an industry dominated by innovation, IDEO’s human-centered design process seems to understand and welcome this development, a new trend in the business world that The Business Times refers to as the start-up ecosystem [1]. This start-up ecosystem is defined as the adoption of startup behaviors such as values, a specific mission, and talent strategy [2]. Not only has IDEO taken on this disruptive change, the company is also helping other organizations build this creative and internal-systems culture [3]. Ultimately, IDEO’s start-up oriented hot teams are the key to the success of IDEO. I argue, however, that IDEO has taken the concept of team dynamics to an entirely new level, using diversity as a broader concept of inclusion that speaks to the quality and effectiveness of their teams and ultimately the company itself.
Through team dynamics, IDEO has gained a set of insights to help understand needs and opportunities in the business world. IDEO’s foundation involves the very definition of a team, where shared goals have been established and effective methods developed to accomplish the goals of the company [4]. IDEO has been successful in making the shift to the startup team environment due to their clearly defined mission as a company, organizational climate, and support of
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