If I Couldn T Vote Essay

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you couldn't vote? If we couldn’t vote how would we decide who we want to be our president or decide if we like a law or not. Voting is how we want to live some presidents want to do different things about our state. If we couldn’t vote for a law it would change how the way we would live if there was a new law created that says it is illegal to own a dog some people might like that law some other people may not like that law.…show more content…
Another president might want to raise the bills that you pay and you might not like that so you'll vote for a different president. If we had a president that would want to raise the taxes then we would have a way harder life to live if they were higher. If we were voting for a law and everyone liked the president would be the one to decide if it could be a law and if everyone liked the law the president could still not make it a law. If everyone dislikes a law the president can still make it a law.

If we couldn't vote then how would we decide who our president or what laws we want and don’t want. If we couldn’t vote then anyone could just take control even if people don’t like them they can just take control. If they were in the army and they were the best soldier people might just put him in charge. If a new law was coming out then how would we vote for it someone may just make it a law without us voting for it. If we couldn't vote it would make a huge impact on our lives. And the president would just tell us to do
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