Essay about Illegal Global Trade

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Though rarely given enough attention in the press, the global network of counterfeited goods such as prescription drugs, watches, and handbags have become a serious problem in the world. This economic network impacts transnational economies than almost any other force because... The film Illicit: the Dark Trade draws attention to this growing problem that affects our now globalized economy. Also, the movie is an adaption to Illicit the novel written by Dr. Moisés Naím. The film explores a maze of illegal activities and provides evidence supporting the idea that the sale of counterfeited goods results in government instability, money laundering, corruption and a host of other problems around the world that globalization has brought upon …show more content…

Since each state have been effected in differently either positively or negatively and in some instances both. In western states a decrease in employment has caused many financial problems because large companies have outsourced manufacturing jobs to developing countries where cheaper labor markets, weaker labor laws and, or environmental regulations. These new means of production have very little to no loyalty to the original corporations and managers remove the parent company and market directly to the consumer. Sometimes this leads to the direct loss of sales which are key factors to job losses in the United States and Europe. The numbers are derived by taking the loss of sales of a sector or a company due to counterfeiting, and calculating the number of additional people that could have been employed with that revenue. Estimates in the United States and Europe entail that majority of the jobs that were lost was due to counterfeiting in these two regions alone. Many people have associated the rise in counterfeited goods with globalization. As more companies, attempt to increase their profits, by moving manufacturing companies to third world countries with
Second to illegal drug trafficking, human trafficking is one of the fastest growing and profitable illegitimate industries earning an estimated forty- three billion

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