Image Processing and Recognition

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It required a lot of study on previous work and some study of related topics which uses a little bit same technique to process their features for recognizing a person. Most of the literatures were based on palm image processing and some of the books and research papers were based on face recognition. As such, a lot of research work has been done by Chinese researchers so far. A series of researches gave me a set of methods and a set of features to be selected among them.

This research also requires depth knowledge of image processing. Fetching out each position of the palm image through the reading it pixel by pixel. Some kinds of reading patterns of image should be crystal clear in the mind while working with the features of this topic.

There are various useful books also available on image processing provides knowledge of different methods. Which one would be better, could be decided after discussion with my guide.

1. Document Representation

On the basis of the study of previous researches, I had a great collection of previous research papers (published by others) and related books. Before getting to start with the feature selection, document representation has been done with the help of power point presentation. This includes a systematic approach to represent this research work.

This gets start with the introduction, overall structure of the topic, previous researches done by others, reason behind my research, introduction of new features

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