Immigration Has Been Apart Of World History

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Welcoming Changes

Immigration has been apart of world history for ages and ages. Ever since the pilgrims settled in the New Americas to practice there own religion, countries have been trying to invade so they can call it there own home. Throughout the years, immigration has indeed grown with problems. Immigrants from around the world wanted to make the United States they’re new home, but with new lives come change. The government had to respond to the rapid population growth along with new foreign residents, taking away native-born Americans there jobs and space. In the political cartoon from Puck magazine, it seems as though immigrants are waiting at Uncle Sam’s feet to enter the United States. These immigrants are carrying their belongings. The cartoon expresses new immigrants ' and the positive outlook on starting a new life in America. It depicts America as a land of freedom and chance. In the image, Uncle Sam, a representative of America, welcomes people from numerous nations with arms wide open. The U.S. Ark of Refuge imitates Noah and the ark, with Uncle Sam as Noah. Uncle Sam is seen leading the immigrants away from the wretchedness of their homeland and into the U.S. Ark of Refuge. The author of the cartoon must have been an immigrant himself. In 1880, a tremendous surge of immigrants from southern and eastern Europe accompanied the country. There were several reasons why many immigrants wanting to come to America, including persecution and extensive poverty

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