Impact of Culture on Entrepreneurship

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Information Management and Business Review Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 30-34, Jan 2012 (ISSN 2220-3796) Impact of Culture on Entrepreneur Intention Syed Imran Sajjad1, *Haroon Shafi1, Aasim Munir Dad2 1Iqra university Islamabad campus 2University of Science and Technology (MUST) Mirpur Azad Kashmir, Pakistan * Abstract: The main purpose of this study is to identify the role of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. After reviewing the literature, researchers identify those predictors who influence the entrepreneur’s intention with the help of socio cognitive model. National culture of a country influences the entrepreneur’s intention to start new business. Perceived feasibility, perceived desirability and entrepreneurs experience…show more content…
Some researchers including (Bird, 1988) identified entrepreneur individual nature, skill, experience the same as social desirability and personal feasibility. Different Researchers recommended including (Shane, 2003), that: the existence of an entrepreneurial possibility; its identification by the entrepreneur; and the conscious decision of the entrepreneur to be aware of that chance, are between the mandatory steps required in the entrepreneurial process. Cristina and Dwayne (2009) saw the effect of entrepreneur intention in Caribbean and the found out the link among entrepreneur intention, desirability, and feasibility and suggested that culture acted as moderator to influence the entrepreneur’s intention. After reviewing literature it has been seen that there is linked between desirability perception and entrepreneur intention to begin a new venture, Krueger (1993) practiced Shapiro’s theoretical model and suggested that there is a positive impact of perceived desirability on entrepreneur intention (Krueger et al., 2000). For better understanding of different indicators and the impact of these indicators on entrepreneur (Krueger et al., 2000) suggested that attitude of entrepreneur varies for every exogenous facet that affects entrepreneur intention to become entrepreneur. P1. Perceived desirability will directly influence entrepreneurial intentions. The study analyzed that
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