Implementation Of Quality Management Plan

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Quality Management Plan


The execution of assuring quality throughout the entire scope of this project is of the utmost importance to our team. Our main objective and tone throughout the Construction Quality Management process is to be proactive to prevent any discrepancies between trades or any deviation from the Quality Assurance sections outlined in the specifications. Our goal is to know beforehand, that we will pass every inspection. All Contractor Quality Control work will be completed in accordance with the plans and specifications, documented, and must be within our budget and schedule.

1.2 PLAN

Prior to the start of construction we will be meeting with all stakeholders to outline exactly to the contractor, us, the level of quality to which they will be seeking. We will be touching on key items in the specifications that have more ridged requirements than industry standards, and the expectations of the contractor to the owner. This will include going over quality control expectations of our suppliers, manufacturers, products, services, and trade’s workmanship as we are held accountable for assuring our subcontractors work follows our guidelines of quality as well. Also a topic of discussion in this meeting will be our submittal and inspection schedule for the quality assurance of each respective section of work. Key design professionals and engineers will be named for areas of work that require shop drawings. Our field staff will keep a daily logbook
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