Implementing A Successful Cross Training Program Essay

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CREATING AND IMPLEMENTING A SUCCESSFUL CROSS-TRAINING PROGRAMBefore developing a cross-training program, we need to plan accordingly. Not all employees need to be trained in all positions. We need to cross-train a little at a time as there is no need to cross-train all our employees at the same time. I suggest creating a formal job rotation program. We could reduce the workload during the training process since it will take the new person longer to perform the task until their individual proficiency is reached. This reduced workload will help employees feel less resentful that they are being required to do more work. Lastly, we must remember that employees don’t retain the cross-training skills forever and must be re-trained periodically. The following questions need to be addressed: How will we communicate the strategy to employees; especially those employees who for various reasons may not be the best fit for cross-training? What are the positions within the organization should be targeted for a cross-training initiative? Which employees are ready to be cross-trained and how will we determine who will be cross-trained? In order to answer these questions, we must examine the following.Communication. We need to introduce to the employees the benefits of cross-training. Explain to them that will be learning new skills that can help them grow. We must be sure to explain that the reason for cross-training is not to eliminate positions, but to increase their overall development

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