Implementing An International Code Of Ethics Essay

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Implementing an International Code of Ethics could bring about positive change in the business world by providing a common set of principles and rules that would be followed by all those involved. This might ease some business tensions and would hopefully reduce confusion or offense that may come from business without. Both companies and employees are more comfortable when there is a uniform code to follow (Jennings, 2015, pg. 389) and it can help unify an organization under one set of ethical conduct. Having an International Code of Ethics would provide little chance of offending someone from another business in another country and would everyone on the same page to ensure smooth business operations by not allowing some companies to get an upper hand by doing something that a majority of the world considers unethical.

However, many countries have varying customs and varying definitions of what is ethical depending on their culture, so it would likely be very difficult to come up with a code that met the needs of all business worldwide and some of the codes may not be appealing to all companies, depending on their location. Some countries may not operate in a similar way and the code of ethics may prohibit taking an action that in the country’s eyes would be normal and they may find the behavior rude. This attempt at forming an International Code of Ethics that suits all countries may actually end up causing a lot of arguing which could lead to companies refusing to do

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